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Michiana Paralegal Association

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to the Michiana Paralegal Association

Michiana Paralegal Association ("MPA") was established in September 1989. As an association of dedicated professionals, MPA has matured into a strong paralegal association with members from every part of northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan, a geographic area known as "Michiana." In addition to our affiliation with the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA), we are a member of the Alliance of Indiana Paralegal Associations.

Our Mission:

The purpose and goals of MPA is to promote the professional and business interests of persons engaging in the paralegal profession as follows:

  • Promote the paralegal profession;
  • Promote the continuing legal education of paralegals by providing educational seminars;
  • Act as a forum for the exchange of information;
  • Inform members of the latest developments in the paralegal profession;
  • Promote and support professional standards;
  • Communicate with the legal community and the general public;
  • Participate in local and national professional issues that affect the paralegal profession.
  • Engage in projects, solicitations and other activities which the board of directors may deem necessary or desirable to fund the purposes set forth above.

Congratulation to our newly elected Board Members!!!!

Brandy L. Henderson, President
Wanda L. Miedema, Secretary

The official swearing in of the Board of Directors will be at our annual meeting on January 29, 6:00 pm in the WNIT Community Room located at 300 West Jefferson Boulevard in South Bend, Indiana.  Go to the Event Calendar on this website to sign up now!


MPA has worked very hard to be progressive and forward-thinking so that we may better serve our members. This is true for those outside of membership that access our website for various networking needs.  We have also made it our mission to listen to the input our members have provided.  With this being said, the Board has begun implementing a few things that will meet this goal.

As many of you know, MPA sustains it's self through membership.  Members have expressed that its difficult to pay dues AND then for member meetings throughout the year.  It is because of this that the Board decided a compromise was in order.  So for 2018, we have made a minor increase in dues ($5.00) for our Voting, Associate, and Individual Sustaining members.  Our Corporate Sustaining membership has increase as well.  This minor increase up front will allow for a decrease in member meeting fees throughout the year. 

Further, some of the member meetings will be changed to lunch and learn meetings.  This will allow for us to have meetings where members can order off menu while reducing meeting fees, saving you money, at the same time increasing attendance by not taking an evening away from your family.  The meetings will be shorter to stay within the lunch time schedule. All around a better thing for our busy paralegals.   

2017 was a good year for renewing old connections and letting the legal world know we are still here to promote the ever-changing and advancing paralegal profession.  One of the benefits MPA can offer to the legal profession is the use of our website to advertise.   This will provide great networking connections as well as provide much needed 'coin in our coffers.'   An advertising costs page will be developed and provided as soon as possible.  Contact Brandy Henderson at for more details and questions.  

MPA is staying strong and always listening.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and visit here often for updates and calendar event postings. 

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events