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Michiana Paralegal Association

Welcome to the Michiana Paralegal Association

Michiana Paralegal Association ("MPA") was established in September 1989. As an association of dedicated professionals, MPA has matured into a strong paralegal association with members from every part of northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan, a geographic area known as "Michiana." In addition to our affiliation with the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA), we are a member of the Alliance of Indiana Paralegal Associations.

Our Mission:

The purpose and goals of MPA is to promote the professional and business interests of persons engaging in the paralegal profession as follows:

  • Promote the paralegal profession;
  • Promote the continuing legal education of paralegals by providing educational seminars;
  • Act as a forum for the exchange of information;
  • Inform members of the latest developments in the paralegal profession;
  • Promote and support professional standards;
  • Communicate with the legal community and the general public;
  • Participate in local and national professional issues that affect the paralegal profession.
  • Engage in projects, solicitations and other activities which the board of directors may deem necessary or desirable to fund the purposes set forth above.

A big 'Thank You" to Attorney Mario J. Zappia for being our guest speaker at our dinner meeting on September 19, 2017.  The information on things we can suggest to our clients to ensure their wishes are honored during the estate planning process was well received and truly appreciated.  

If any Attorney would like to share their expertise on a legal subject with the paralegals of Michiana, please contact any board member.  We would be happy to hear from you and be honored to have you have you as a guest.   


*Welcome to MPA's new website.  Here you will find up-to-date information on all things MPA. Our new website provides features such as membership-wide emails, electronic dues/meetings/sponsorship payments, events calendar, newsletters, and much, much more. Take a few minutes to explore and let your Board know what you think.  Your feedback is very important to us.  

*NFPA's Annual Convention is fast approaching.  Be on the lookout for updates in your email, here on our brand new website, and at our September Member Meeting.  This is a very important time for the paralegal profession and MPA.  Feel free to contact any Board Member for more information. 

*MPA is seeking a volunteer to serve as editor of our monthly newsletter, Footnotes.  Articles and information are provided by the board and members. This new website will make distribution easier, so a monthly commitment of a couple of hours is all it will take to become an important part of the MPA leadership team. Please let any Board Member know if you are interested in making this commitment.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events