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Michiana Paralegal Association



Pursuant to Article 2 of the Bylaws of Michiana Paralegal Association, Inc., a "Paralegal" is defined as a person, qualified through education, training, or work experience to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of legal concepts and is customarily, but not exclusively, performed by a lawyer. This person may be retained or employed by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency or other entity or may be authorized by administrative, statutory or court authority to perform this work.

Requirements for Membership

Requirements for membership in the Michiana Paralegal Association are as follows:
  1. Meet the definition of a paralegal pursuant to Article 2 as stated above; and

  2. Be at least eighteen (18) years of age; and

  3. Be of good moral character; and

    1. Not have been suspended or disbarred from the practice of law in any state; and

    2. Not have been convicted of an unauthorized practice of law in any state; and

    3. Not be currently under suspension, termination or revocation of a certification, registration or license to practice by a professional organization, court, disciplinary board, or agency in any jurisdiction; and

    4. Not have been convicted of a felony in any state; and

  4. Attempt to complete within each year, six (6) hours of Continuing Legal Education, of which one (1) hour is an Ethics component (unless the member is a student paralegal or an entity/organization which is a Sustaining Member); and

  5. Also attempt to complete within each year, four (4) hours of Pro Bono legal work.

Member Types

  • Voting

    Annual Dues: $75.00
    Any person whose job classification is Paralegal or as defined in Article 2 shall be eligible for membership as a Voting Member of MPA

  • Associate

    Annual Dues: $55.00
    Any person who has completed a formal course of paralegal studies, but who either is not currently employed or is employed in a position that does not satisfy the MPA definition of a Paralegal

  • Student

    Annual Dues: $35.00
    Any person currently enrolled in a formal course of paralegal studies

  • Sustaining

    Annual Dues: $250.00
    Any partnership, association or other entity interested in supporting the Corporation or promoting the paralegal profession, the use of paralegals in the legal and business communities, the maintenance of the highest professional standards among paralegals, or other such reason, is eligible to join the Corporation as a Sustaining Member.

Memberships run for the calendar year (January 1 to December 31). Dues are non-refundable and payable upon application. Dues may be deductible as an ordinary business expense, but are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. MPA membership includes membership in the National Federation of Paralegal Associations ("NFPA"). Dues are paid by MPA to NFPA; a portion of which pays for your subscription to the National Paralegal Reporter. In St. Joseph County, Indiana, MPA members are eligible for associate membership in the St. Joseph County Bar Association. MPA members are also eligible for affiliate membership in the Indiana State Bar Association. Any acceptance of membership dues during the 4th quarter of the fiscal year shall be considered paid in full until December 31 of the following fiscal year. Payment of dues is a prerequisite to the acceptance of membership.

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