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Michiana Paralegal Association

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Paralegal Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Canon I
A paralegal shall maintain a high level of competence and shall contribute to the integrity of the paralegal profession.
Canon II
A paralegal shall contribute to the availability of legal services, the advancement of the legal system and the continued promotion of the paralegal profession.
Canon III
A paralegal shall preserve client confidences and privileged communications and shall exercise responsibility to the employer.
Canon IV
A paralegal shall ensure all communications clearly designate his/her position as a paralegal.
Canon V
A paralegal shall not engage in the unauthorized practice of law.
Canon VI
A paralegal shall not engage in any acts forbidden by law.
Canon VII
A paralegal shall not offer legal advice or negotiate representation or fees for legal services with clients unless authorized to do so by administrative, statutory or court authority.
Canon VIII
A paralegal shall not knowingly engage in a conflict of interest pertaining to a client matter and shall inform the employer of the existence of any possible conflict.
Canon IX
A paralegal shall serve the public interests by contributing to the availability and delivery of quality legal services.