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It is that time of year when reflection, giving back, and rejoicing are upon us.  MPA has been blessed this year and would like to take a moment to give back to our wonderful legal community.  What better way than to support our youth involved in Indiana Mock Trial! 

Indiana Mock Trial is a program run by the Indiana State Bar where high school students have the opportunity to learn about the judicial system through hands-on experience.  Many local attorneys also donate their time helping with mock trial.

MPA has two opportunities for donations:

     * First, we can make a donation in any amount to the National Mock Trial Competition 2020 that will be held in Evansville, Indiana next year. 

     * Second, if we hit a certain donation level ($250), our name will be recognized at the annual awards dinner.  If we really hit it out of the park and donate $500 our name will be recognized at the annual awards dinner and at the South Bend Regional Competition. 

We realize the importance of each of your donations and have made donating as easy as possible.  There is a link herein and on our event calendar that will take you to the donation area.  Even a donation of $5 is greatly appreciated!  We also understand that not all of our members are local, so we hope that the online forum of giving back will be a nice way to incorporate all our members. 

This event is open to the public.

As a thank you, participants will be recognized by MPA.


What is Indiana Mock Trial:

More information on donation to Indiana Mock Trial

More information on donation to National Mock Trial Competition 2020

South Bend Tribune article about this past spring competition.  A local high school took state championship!